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JH: I love that low poly aesthetic. It reminds me of a video game I used to play called Jet Set Radio. What are some of your all-time favourite video games?

DB: I love Jet Set! Yeah video-games were a huge influence on the animation as well. The first game I ever owned was Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the original gameboy. That game is a huge influence on pretty much all the art I do.

I just read an interview where they were talking with the game’s director Takashi Tezuka and he was saying that while making it they were all watching Twin Peaks so that show was a huge influence on how the game turned out. Here’s a quote:

“…Was talking about fashioning Link’s Awakening with a feel that’s somewhat like Twin Peaks. At the time, Twin Peaks was rather popular. The drama was all about a small number of characters in a small town. So I wanted to make something like that, while it would be small enough in scope to easily understand, it would have deep and distinctive characteristics.”

After reading that it all made so much sense to me.

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