The Mystery of the Retro Deinochierus painting : Dinosaurs

So, as many of you know, a 2008 expedition uncovered new remains from the dinosaur Deinochierus, which were finally displayed in 2015 after a long legal controversy. These new remains proved that Deinochierus was NOT a gigantic terror that dwarfed the likes of Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus, but a piscivorous hump-backed Ornithomimid, as can be seen here:

all credit to Luis V. Rey

However, for a long time, Deinochierus was thought to be a truly gargantuan carnosaur, something that made T.rex look like a kitten. As of such, THIS image was created:

IDK who made this, srry

The painting, as you can see, is radically different from the real thing. It’s quite a beautiful painting too-the quality of the light and reflections really creates a feeling of realness.

However, there is one big question here: Despite being the “quintessential” image of Deinochierus prior to discoveries indicating it was a giant ornithomimid, nobody actually knows who made the painting, where it is, and what it was painted for.

If anyone could tell me where this painting is, what it was painted for, or who painted this image, It would be much appreciated. I recall seeing it in a hallway of a Mongolian museum on google, but going back there renders no such image, so I think it might be a false memory. Could someone help me out here?

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