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A Customised CollectA Edaphosaurus

A Customised CollectA Edaphosaurus More pictures have been sent into Everything Dinosaur showing how a prehistoric animal model can be made into a truly...

They Fought Back | Anthropology News

On November 17, 2018, colleagues, former students, family, and friends of Robert R. Alvarez attended the two-panel session at the AAA Annual Meeting...

Ancient DNA Illuminates Pastoralism’s Rise in Africa

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Giant Elasmosaurs from Antarctica

Giant Elasmosaurs from Antarctica An scientific paper published in the academic journal “Cretaceous Research” details the remarkable discovery of a huge elasmosaurid plesiosaur from...

Limited Edition Papo Spinosaurus – Further Update

Limited Edition Papo Spinosaurus – Further Update At Everything Dinosaur, we try our best to keep model collectors and fans of dinosaur figures up...

Gold Refining Techniques Of A Medieval Islamic City Revealed By Experimental Archaeology

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Why Some Amazonian Societies Survived and Others Perished amid Pre-Columbian Droughts

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