Chris Webber supports Juwan Howard to Michigan

Chalk up one more former “Fab Five” member as wanting to see Juwan Howard get the open coaching job as the head basketball coach at Michigan.

Chris Webber voiced his support for his former teammate during TNT’s broadcast of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals Friday.

Webber was talking about how he was a big fan of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo who was in attendance for the game, but then he expanded his comments to the open spot at Michigan.

“All we need is to hire Juwan so we can take (Michigan State) out,” Webber said.

“That almost seems like a no-brainer,” Reggie Miller replied. “Whoever is running things at Michigan, you can make some calls, but Juwan Howard needs to get that job there at Michigan.”

“It would be great for the whole university,” Webber said.

Former Michigan coach John Beilein accepted the open job with the Cavaliers this week leaving the Wolverines program after leading it to two national championship appearances in his tenure.

Jalen Rose spoke about the need to hire Howard earlier this week.

“I need for this to happen, OK?” Rose said on his show ‘Jalen and Jacoby’. “This ain’t just some nostalgic, ‘Oh, he was a member of the Fab Five, so let’s give him the job.’ He was a terrific high school player, a McDonald’s All-American. He was a terrific performer at Michigan, a member of the Fab Five.”

He continued: “He was an All-Star in the NBA, he was a champion. He’s not only learned under some of the best to do it, Erik Spoelstra, Pat Riley. He also has the blessing of John Beilein, who he spent a lot of time with. Of Steve Fisher, who he spent a lot of time with. … This is such a layup.”

Howard, Rose and Webber helped Michigan to back-to-back Final Four appearances in 1991 and 1992 and were part of one of the most influential teams in college during that time, which was dubbed the “Fab Five” due to the fact coach Fisher started five freshmen during the ’91 season.

Rose and Howard played together through 1994 while Webber left for the draft after the 1992 season.

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