Climate Protest Fury: “they should be doing is getting off their a*** … instead of blaming everybody else”

Extinction Rebellion, ‘swarming roadblocks’. DAVID HOLT [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing efforts to ruin ordinary folk’s daily commute, and mock hard working people with their largely government benefit funded hippy fecklessness, might not be having quite the effect they hoped.

Climate protesters warn this is just the beginning
By 9News Staff Kamin Gock
9:51pm Oct 11, 201

Extinction Rebellion have warned their work has just begun as they wrap up a week of demonstrations with a mass gathering in Perth’s CBD.

Workers who were stuck in the commotion had mixed views of the march.

What they should be doing is getting off their a*** and doing something about it instead of blaming everybody else,” a frustrated driver said.

“I understand why they’re doing it, it’s for a good reason and needs to be done, I support them,” a supportive commuter told 9News.

In Brisbane, more than 100 activists sat on the roadway on the William Jolly Bridge, blocking traffic in both directions, police said.

Activists chanted and held posters and waved flags as police watched on.
Police were diverting traffic and warned motorists to expect delays.

Protesters also halted peak-hour traffic in Melbourne, where the Lord Mayor Sally Capp slammed them as “disrespectful” to other residents.

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How long will ordinary people tolerate having their day messed up, before their patience snaps?

Historians will look back on the Extinction Rebellion as the Climate movement’s greatest strategic blunder.

In the midst of an unprecedented green media blitz, rising concern amongst young people about climate change, along comes Extinction Rebellion to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, by stirring hostility against climate activism amongst their strongest inner city supporters.

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