Epic planet-saving hubris from @LuxuryLondon

From the “let them eat cake, but we’re saving the planet” department comes a new level of hubris unmatched in modern times.

Superyatch owner Leonardo DeCaprio has nothing on this, and he probably wishes he’s said it. There’s an article in this glossy magazine testament to snobbery called Luxury London that cries out for a smackdown.

Turning The Tide: The Sustainable Future of Superyachts 

Our vast oceans, their marine life and the shores surrounding them are in peril. Among those preparing a rescue mission is the superyacht industry, which is navigating an innovative journey towards sustainability

Feadship’s 83m Savannah (pictured below) is the first superyacht to use an eco-friendly hybrid propulsion platform encompassing propellers and azimuthing thrusters for power, electric motors and diesel engines for drive, and gensets and batteries for energy storage. The shipyard’s new facility in Amsterdam is also designed with eco-friendly features, including more than 2,000 solar panels, LED lighting, a three-tier ventilation system and the innovative use of district heating, which harnesses excess energy from nearby factories.

Savannah Feadship superyacht

And you think to yourself, gee, with all the caterwauling from the left about “carbon footprints” how could they possibly merge “sustainability” with a fuel consumption rate of more than 500 liters of diesel an hour?

Well, if you think that’s absurd, get a load of this quote from the article:

“Today’s superyacht owners are younger and more in tune with the climate change around us”

That’s comforting, and a totally off-the-rails disconnect from reality to be sipping your Dom Perignon from a beast that uses hundreds of times more energy and more emissions than 99% of every other single person on the planet.

But when you’re the 1%, you don’t need to worry about what those people think.

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