Glamour and unattainability is out. Spiritual refreshment is in

(RNS) — Last night I tried to schedule an appointment at a hair salon. A friend had recommended a stylist at The Red Door — Elizabeth Arden’s New York salon and spa. For decades, what lay behind the company’s aspirational “Red Door” represented the peak of American feminine glamour. As one number in the 2017 musical “War Paint,” dramatizing the midcentury rivalry between Arden and makeup rival Helena Rubinstein, attested:

“Enter Miss Arden’s temple to beauty/Serving your every need is our duty/May you enjoy the full day you have in store/Behind the Red Door!”

This fall, however, the red door is being rebranded a millennial-pink hue. The Red Door, it turns out, is now called Mynd Spa and Salon, a “self-care journey with the same perks” as its upscale predecessor. “Mad Men”-style glamour and unattainability is out. Spiritual refreshment is in.

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