Inktober Day 12: Dragon – Beibeilong : Dinosaurs

Day 12: Dragon – Beibeilong. Drawn in about 3 hours.

Beibeilong (meaning “baby dragon”) was a giant oviraptorosaur from early Late Cretaceous China. It is known from a single fossilized embryo inside a two-foot-long egg named “Baby Louie,” which was discovered back in 1993 but only described as a new genus in 2017. Part of the holdup was that the fossil had been expatriated to the United States. The other part was that Beibeilong’s closest relative, Gigantoraptor, wasn’t discovered until 2007. Before that, scientists didn’t think oviraptors could get big enough to lay such a huge egg.

I based my Beibeilong’s plumage off that of a rooster, since oviraptorosaurs look a lot like oversized fowl. I tried to evoke an ukiyo-e style dragon kind of feel using its combs and wattles.

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