Newly Dead Dinosaur Found in Sri Lanka : Dinosaurs

I’m a Sri Lankan. Much as I wish this to be real, it isn’t.

  1. The skull is just that of a monitor lizard.

  2. The body, arms, and legs are of a bird, not a non-avian dinosaur.

  3. Fossil skeletons that are this complete and well preserved have almost never been found anywhere, let alone Sri Lanka.

  4. Dinosaur remains are basically never found in forests as the video describes.

  5. No dinosaur remains have been found in Sri Lanka, and I doubt that any that are found would be anything more than just a piece of leg bone or tooth or some other fragmentary piece. Finding a specimen this complete in a place as poor for fossilization as Sri Lanka is like scouring the entire universe and finding living dinosaurs.

Edit: Just saw that this was supposedly “newly dead”. In which case, yeah this is obvious BS, and my points above still stand.

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