This Investigation Proves That Ethical Down Is a Lie

I just saw PETA’s eyewitness exposé revealing the abusive conditions on a farm that formerly supplied Canada Goose. Panicked geese were crushed, carried by the neck, and stuffed into transport crates for slaughter. When they arrived at the slaughterhouse, they could see other geese right in front of them shackled and killed—until it was their turn. This is yet another example of the cruelty that birds face when they’re used for their feathers, and while you claim that JVC wasn’t your supplier during the investigation, that doesn’t change the unavoidable fact that sentient birds continue to be needlessly killed for the stuffing in your jackets. I won’t buy anything from Canada Goose until you stop using real down and fur in your clothing and accessories, and I’ll urge my family and friends not to buy your products, either.

The only way to ensure that Canada Goose clothing is ethical and humane is to stop using down and fur and switch to high-tech, efficient, alternative insulators. Please stop allowing animals to be hurt and killed for your products. It’s the right thing to do.

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